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Copper life

One of the perfect combinations of texture, pattern and color is copper, marble and blush. Combine these three interior elements to get a warm elegance.

Divide your living room wall horizontally, plaster one half with a marble wallpaper and paint the other half with blush color. Put a copper tray table in front to complete you combination.

Photography: fancy

Here you see a nice blush wall, some copper objects and a marble table combination.

Photography: bettina holst

For kitchen a threesome combination, with different copper lamps, blush wall color and marble tray.

Photography: fancy


Last November, I wrote about shiny metal objects, like golden accessory accents. Copper offers the same type of metallic accent but with a warm gold rose glow. It is a strong and honest metal, which is aesthetically very unique. There are all kinds of ways to introduce the glamour of copper into your home, especially with home decorations and lightings. I like the warm glow of it. 

A key piece in the copper trend, pendant lights by Tom Dixon, like this one.

Photography: vtwonen

Nice copper accessories seem to be very in at the moment, like plant pots, candle holders and vases. 

Photography: hskjalmp

Modern copper style for the bathroom which looks like copper pipes.

Photography: my attic

Natural green life

Creat green spaces at home. Here are some simple ways of using plants in your home. Cherish nature in your rooms.

Sometimes the simple things are the best — wine bottles, wooden objects, copper pipes, anatomic hand together with a plant.

Photography: house and hold

Here you see string shelves and greenery.

Photography: cinoh

A still life interior decor with plants in ceramics and pharmacy bottles.

Photography: anna gillar

Natural green flowers

Many flowers have a main season. I’ve some ideas for you to decorate for the season. Look to the beautiful arrangements with early spring flowers.

I like the pretty pink tulips. A favorite flower of mine.

Photography: monaco 

Snowdrop is a early blooming flower. Here you see snowdrops under a cloche. This is a nice idea to decorating inside and under glass.

Photograpy: pinterest

For a spring perfume in your home use a hyacinth together with a fragrant and festive christmas rose.

Photography: maria victrix

Natural green-immortal plants

I used to travel a lot as a professional musician, so I was rarely at home and all my plants died constantly. I had a memorial park for orchids at home! It was really sad. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of six indoor plants that are hard to kill. Most of these easy-to-care house plants tolerate low light too. Great even if you don’t have a green thumb! 

Photography: 1., 2., 3., 5. Ivillage, 4. rice design, 6. daum

1. haworthia 

2. nerve plant

3. rubber plant

4. jade plant

5. watermelon pepperomia

6. echeveria 

Natural green plants

Last week, the spring season started in my home. After three grey and gloomy months, I really need natural green at home now. Indoor plants revive my interior decoration. One big trend are the plant benches. Look at the wonderful ways to create a green oasis. Make your home a green one with plants!

It doesn’t matter if the trees outside don’t have any leaves when a mixed green jungle grows in front of your window.

Photography: time of the aquarius

Here some potted plants in the hall.

Photography: home and delicious

Create a Zen-inspired wooden console table with bonsai trees.

Photography: c’ptn smith’s log

And more Zen inspiration with branches in a vase, looks like Sakura cherry blossoms.

Photography: livlig