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Last November, I wrote about shiny metal objects, like golden accessory accents. Copper offers the same type of metallic accent but with a warm gold rose glow. It is a strong and honest metal, which is aesthetically very unique. There are all kinds of ways to introduce the glamour of copper into your home, especially with home decorations and lightings. I like the warm glow of it. 

A key piece in the copper trend, pendant lights by Tom Dixon, like this one.

Photography: vtwonen

Nice copper accessories seem to be very in at the moment, like plant pots, candle holders and vases. 

Photography: hskjalmp

Modern copper style for the bathroom which looks like copper pipes.

Photography: my attic


I love neutral interiors and a bit of nude and neutral décor inspiration. The nude look comes from fashion shows and is in clothing, shoes, accessories and make up. This fashion trend gets into interior design. You can bring a personal touch into your home. The bedroom explores every nuance and shade of main nude colors.

Photography: trendenser

Nude colors and copper bathroom fitting go together really well.

Photography: anna wedin

Nude and neutral colored room décor in a living room.

Photograph: Heidi Lerkenfeldt via arkpad


In the middle of the winter, when we have grey and gloomy days, it is important to know that marble can light up your rooms and is a big trend these days. I prefer it with minimalist design. I think these material coming from nature can bring style, class and sophistication to your interiors. So you can make a statement.

The marble kitchen in a modern puristic style.

Photographer: Petra Bindel, Stylist: Lotta Agaton, Designer and Architekt: Daniel Franzén via Emma’s Designblogg

Light grey marble in a Melbourne Bathroom.

Photographer: Armelle Habib, Designer: Hecker Guthrie via the design files

Carrara mable bench in the bedroom.

Photography: stil inspiration